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Our kitchen has always been in the heart of the dining area making our complete operation totally transparent. If you haven't visited us, you'll find that what we offer is real italian food, the food you would expect when you're on holiday in the old country and there's always something for everyone, regardless of their tastes. We still work within traditional methods and believe strongly in having the kitchen as the heart of our restaurant. Marroccos' offers a traditional family atmosphere with food that we are proud to plan, create and serve.

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We're very proud of all our team, they're part of what makes Marroccos work so well. From our part timers, seasonal, part time and full timers, you'll always find a friendly face, someone to help you and to make your experience here more enjoyable. Of course we're all human and make mistakes, but we're also the very first to hold our hands up when this happens, so if you have a problem, we have nothing to hide, please let one of our team know immediately (before you eat or drink all of it). We look forward to seeing you.

(NEW) Collection Or Delivery

You've been asking us for years for a full takeaway service and now it's arrived.

We've taken the best dishes that we can and made the into takeaway including our starters, pizza, salads, pasta and burgers. Plus you can now take home our famous ice cream sundeas, or just sit down on the beach.

The only way to queue jump, just call us and place your order. If you're in a hurry, pre order a little earlier and collect at the time that you need to. All our takeaway food is prepared and cooked in the same way as our restauarnt food, in the open. Nothing to hide, just freshly cooked produce and ingredients.

Just click the knife and fork below to download our takeaway menu or click on the car for delivery.

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Mothers Day Italian Restaurant Hove Marroccos
  1. I want a better life in England

    January 16th, 1962

    Renato Marrocco married his sweetheart Maria, and in 1962 they moved from Italy to England in search of a better life. Relocating to Brighton, they bought a cafe on the corner of East Street, before setting their heart on a small seafront cafe in Kings Esplanade in 1969.

  2. Marroccos Is Born

    January 16th, 1969

    Built in the 1930's the cafe that they wanted was owned by another Italian company called "Fortes", once purchased Renato and Maria changed the name to Marroccos. My Mum, Maria says: Renato always used to tell everyone he came to this country with just two pairs of trousers, he didn't’t have much, but he was a hard worker and very proud of what he achieved. For years, Renato would wake each morning at 4am to make authentic Italian ice cream from a secret recipe. Even after taking my sister Livia and I to school, he would then return to serve his loyal customers. Renato loved to make ice cream and it was his passion, to ensure that there was always enough to go around and in his own words "getting it just right". Marroccos' immediately became a place where families gathered to meet and created a Sunday tradition of walking along the promenade to buy his award winning ice creams.

  3. We need to be a restaurant

    January 16th, 1998

    In 1998 we made a monumental decision to loose the old cafe and create a new restaurant, obviously still keeping the ice cream. We just had so many customers who wanted basic italian food and pizza instead of your average Brighton cafe food. Slightly different to the normal, but Marroccos emerged into your average style italian restaurant, but still with queues of people for ice cream. The change worked and although we were offering our customers what they wanted, we felt that we were missing something. It took 12 years to find it!!!

  4. Monumental Changes

    January 16th, 2010

    We made a monumental change and moved away from the "average italian restaurant style" that is seen through Brighton and Hove and created something totally different, much to the humour and criticism of our competition. We changed chefs faster than a racing team changes tyres until we found a chef that "got us". We opened up the kitchen so you can watch the chefs in action, we changed suppliers to ensure consistently fresh ingredients.

  5. Fresh Fish & Homemade Pasta

    January 16th, 2013

    In Early 2013, Our first major improvement was introducing incredible shellfish platters and fresh fish dishes which became widely recognised throughout the South Coast and London as one of the best selection of fresh fish and seafood that's available anywhere. In 2014 based on the success of the fish we changed the way we cooked our dishes, changing them back to the rustic traditional way that you would find throughout Italy. To do this successfully we needed to make our own fresh pasta, so that's exactly what we started to do. Not just as a one off, but every day. It became so popular that we removed dried pasta from all the dishes.

  6. It paid off

    January 16th, 2015

    Apart from the horrific weather it was an amazing year for us. From January to March we were full every single night which carried on throughout the year, with reservations up to 4 weeks in advance. The question was what to do next?. This came in the form of possibly the largest specials board, but with a twist. Unlike most restaurants our specials board isn't made up of the best deals that we get daily from our suppliers. It's there for our chefs to get creative, they put on there what they like to cook, no questions asked, it's their own part of Marroccos. The only problem it's left us with it that our customers don't want the specials taken down, which has now almost doubled our menu.

  7. Reservations Required

    January 17th, 2016

    Since the beginning of the year, on average 2,500 customers enter Marroccos per week, with an incredible 8,000 per month visiting the website. But we wanted to create a better experience for our customers. This came by introducing a selection of exciting and more importantly credible wine list to suit our style of cooking and the dishes themselves. The floor team were fully re-trained and even blind tested to understand the complexity of the wines and how they compliment the food. The restaurant now has a local buzz with an incredible kitchen eating atmosphere. At the beginning of Q2, we introduced an exciting range of 13 Burgers, again 100% homemade ranging from "simple with a Twist" to the "Lambshank Redemption"

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The mission is simple: serve delicious food that guests will want to return to week after week.

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We're an authentic Italian restaurant offering seriously great food. If you've never been eaten with us before, it's like eating with your family, it can be loud and noisy during the days, but quieter at nightime. Reservations are seriously reccomended during most times, either call or book online.

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